Lin Cassidy - Maun Scientist

Lin Cassidy, PhD
Social-Ecologist and Land Change Scientist

Much of what guides my life is a desire to find balance: between heavenly and earthly aspects of the world, between work and play, between the technology that supports my work and the nature that inspires it.  I work at the interface between conservation and development, look at the way humans and their environment interact, and trying to find solutions that accommodate the needs of both.  Being outdoors near water and under the moon and sky restores me, and yoga keeps me centred on what matters most.

Michael Howard Smith – Artist

Mike Smith - Artist
“While walking the back streets of Maun I came upon a pool table placed in the shade of a palm tree. The taxi drivers were using the shade as a meeting place and killing time playing pool. I decided to make a painting of the scene and left out the taxis to keep the painting simple and give the impression pool was being played at the edge of the salt pans.
Several days later I decided to paint a second more geometric version of the pool players.I put on my abstract specs and painted the scene using triangles. This painting was more challenging to do but I'm pleased with the way both painting came out”.

Anecdote: in conversation with Mike he told me that, in his youth he would borrow his fathers camera and make photographs of trains in the North of England, as we got into the photography chat during the making of his portrait I asked him if he could recall the camera his father would lend him? After the shoot, packing up my equipment Mike announced his fathers camera was a Voigtlander. I smiled with my Nikon in my hand and showed mike the Voigtlander Nokton 58mm 1.4 on it..