about Maun360

Maun360 is a Ngamiland based visual journal, produced by photographer Stuart James Arnold.
Think of Maun360 as a community newspapers photo department. containing images of people and events in Ngamiland in the North-West of Botswana. It's a simple concept of sharing information. We are the people, businesses and events that make up Maun village and surrounding areas.

It's an online visual journal, seeking to explore Maun, the Okavango Delta and Ngamiland. We are serving up the interesting bits in quick-hit bites. One or two photos and an extended caption and you're out the door.
We're always happy if you stop by the site for a visit. But you can easily set up Maun360 to be automatically sent to you via RSS, email or Twitter by using the links at the bottom of any page.

And if you are on Twitter, please follow us. It is a very low-impact stream. We'll let you know whenever a new entry goes up, but we won't subject you to endless retweets and Twitter memes. More important, we can always use another set of eyes in the field to let us know about items of interest. The best way is via email.

And your retweets and Facebook "Likes" are greatly appreciated. That's pretty much the only way others find out about the site.

Lastly, thanks for dropping in. The more people know about their community, the better it is for everyone.

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